• Over 28,000+ PETROSLEEVE® Installations Worldwide.
  • Tested. Validated. Permanent.


To work, the repair needed to be fast, and it needed to be permanent.

First conceived in the 1990s, the PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System is the result of many years of diverse and successful projects in pipeline integrity and pipeline construction completed by Petro-Line Upgrading Services Ltd.

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We deliver a Full Product Line, Training, Installation Services and, Engineering and Consulting Services.

Full Product Line

Our robust Product Line includes worldwide shipment of small and large diameter PETROSLEEVES, complimentary web-based Engineering Installation Parameters modeling software, and a comprehensive and cost saving line of tools and accessories.

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The PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System offers two levels of certification, the Certified Installer and the Practical Applicator.

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Installation Services

If required, we assemble qualified and experienced installation crews for your projects.

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Engineering and Consulting Services

Our Inspection, Construction, Testing & Repair Expertise services are backed by decades of successful project completion.

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Defect Repair Details

Over 28,000+ PETROSLEEVE® repairs worldwide.

The PETROSLEEVE® delivers defect repair for Seam or Pipe Body Cracking, Corrosion, Dents, Mechanical Defects, SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking), Manufacturing Defects, and Arc Burns.

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